I help organizations find their voices, hone in on their core messages, and tell compelling stories. I do short and long form content: micro-content for social media or presentations, email marketing, blog posts, feature stories, and annual reports. I also improve existing messaging and boilerplates, and I can do it in English and in French. Read on for some samples.


Urgent need for durable strategy against malaria, written with William Jobin and published in The Global Post, April 25, 2013.

No One Should Die of Tuberculosis In The 21st Century written with Salmaan Keshavjee, MD, and published in The Huffington Post, May 24, 2012.

Blog posts and publications

A global online Network lets health professionals share expertise, a post on the GHD concept and platform published in the Harvard Business Review blog , October 2013.

The HBR blog post received great traction over Twitter.

Know your epidemiology: one lesson of many for GeneXpert roll-out, a post with Chris Gilpin, WHO, published in Science Speaks: Global ID News, May 2011

Meeting the challenge of health information access with open online collaboration, a post published in Speaking of Medicine, a blog by PLoS, October 2009.

Managing Editor of The Voice (2003-2007), a quarterly magazine for supporters of Vinfen, a leading human services agency in Massachusetts and Connecticut. In addition to writing stories, taking photography, and overseeing the production from lay-out to mailing, I put in place new editorial and subscription processes and led the redesign with an outside designer, doubling readership and receiving the Lamplighter Award of Excellence from the New England Society for Healthcare Communications for External Periodical in 2006.


Website narratives

Scale-up pages for J-PAL’s new website: New content strategy to better demonstrate the use of evidence in policy and in changing lives (2015)

Read the difference: old version and new version

The goal was to quickly and clearly demonstrate the impact of research and new policies on lives with minimal jargon. The updated content follows a linear structure with fact-filled and people-focused headlines and sub-headlines, and short paragraphs with embedded videos, visuals, and quotes.

Discussion Briefs for at Harvard University (2008-2013): Concept and production of more than 30 free peer-reviewed summaries of key points and delivery challenges addressed in the GHDonline community discussions and Expert Panels. Terms of Use: Working with Partners HealthCare and Harvard legal teams, I put together the TOU for the Global Health Delivery Online communities. More than 10,000 experts and professionals across 160+ countries were virtually collaborating in the first year of operation.

Concept papers

A Global Online Network Lets Health Professionals Share Expertise published in the Harvard Business Review, October 2013. I wrote some of the core pieces of content, and edited the final piece with the faculty director and select team members.

Strategic, Value-Based Delivery in Global Health Care: Innovations at Harvard University and Brigham and Women’s Hospital, published in Mount Sinai Journal of Medicine: A Journal of Translational and Personalized Medicine, May/June 2011.

Other work

In 2013, the GHD team was named a laureate of the ComputerWorld Honors Program for and the UpToDate® Global Health Initiative. This is the form I wrote and submitted.