When in Bordeaux

I was recently asked for advice on what to do on a short stay in Bordeaux. I've been there a few times, including once visiting a few Chateaux and trying fancy restaurants for a VIP event I was working on, so I had some ideas. But I also have family there, and there's nothing better than the recommendations of a… Continue reading When in Bordeaux


Identity, diversity, community

MLK Jr school children singing "We are marching"

Our son started Kindergarten in September, so needless to say it's been hectic. But fantastic as well, as we've discovered all the resources and people there for us at the Cambridge Public Schools. Tuesday we attended a community conversation on identity and diversity at the Putnam Avenue Upper School. The timing couldn't have been better,… Continue reading Identity, diversity, community

Quick reads: Great 2016 UX recap and 3 emails you should get

I'll start this recap with a strong recommendation to start reading (and writing if you're so inclined and have something worth writing about) on Medium, the hot blogger/tumblr-type platform that's really snazzy and pleasant to use. Of course, you can sign up for your own daily digests selecting tags, people, and publications, but I also like… Continue reading Quick reads: Great 2016 UX recap and 3 emails you should get