Quick reads: Great 2016 UX recap and 3 emails you should get

I'll start this recap with a strong recommendation to start reading (and writing if you're so inclined and have something worth writing about) on Medium, the hot blogger/tumblr-type platform that's really snazzy and pleasant to use.¬†Of course, you can sign up for your own daily digests selecting tags, people, and publications, but I also like… Continue reading Quick reads: Great 2016 UX recap and 3 emails you should get


The web is an agora

Marie Connelly and I worked together on growing the GHDonline.org communities for global health professionals by Harvard and the Brigham and Women's Hospital. So it was great to hear her voice again in today's Community Signal podcast on building ethical communication platforms, which I strongly recommend. Having an online presence is being part of a… Continue reading The web is an agora

Content from the heart

Street art, wall painting in Cambridge, Massachusetts.

Feature photo: Compelling content comes in all shapes and places. Street art in Cambridge, Massachusetts by Nuvu. I've been experimenting with online learning for some time now, starting with EdX, and today I joined LinkedIn's learning and had a lot of fun watching Insights from a content marketer. The best piece of advice to remember:… Continue reading Content from the heart