Street art, wall painting in Cambridge, Massachusetts.

Content from the heart

Feature photo: Compelling content comes in all shapes and places. Street art in Cambridge, Massachusetts by Nuvu.

I’ve been experimenting with online learning for some time now, starting with EdX, and today I joined LinkedIn’s learning and had a lot of fun watching Insights from a content marketer. The best piece of advice to remember: “Do something unexpected” [with your content] illustrated with the great PBS Remixed Classics by PBS’ Digital Studios. (Cheer up your rainy Thursday -that’s if you’re in Boston- and watch these now.)

There are more great tips in this short course (<20 minutes) for anyone dealing with communications, marketing, and content. Here’s my short list, by key categories.


Upfront, plan out what you’ll be doing, your goals and what tools you’ll be using.

Have a schedule to produce content on a regular basis. That’s called an editorial calendar. Think like a publisher.

What’s the right level of sharing and what are we not going to talk about? And in regulated industry, what can we not talk about? Answer these questions right away. Be clear.

Community and people

Build a community of emotions that can go beyond your community.

Social media is about building a community, and your content works for you.

The key to content marketing is sharing what you create and content beyond your community.

Tag your content with geolocation. It’s becoming ever more important.

It can be difficult for a large organization to have a human voice, but it’s possible. You can find one person or a few to be your “champions” and create content all the time. This includes outside advocates like customers. As long as people feel that emotional connection, even if its just via a tweet, they feel like they know the company a little better.

You will receive negative feedback (often called “constructive” in corporate environments). You cannot fix all problems, but the best thing you can do is listen and ask how you can fix the issue. The mantra here: Address > Listen > Make better


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