Addict Aide's website screenshot

Quick Reads: Inside design, G Suite, Fake Instagram, A Father’s beautiful story

Here are some quick reading picks for the day. Enjoy!

An inside look into the creative process: Designer on Rio Olympics graphics for Washington Post

Wow, this guy is good.

G Suite is here: TechCrunch rundown

Longtime fan of Google business, I’ve used it almost everywhere for the past ten years so great to see them invest in more features and better services. Always wondered why the “work offline” functionality was removed (or was it?) and surprised not to see a native Google offering for project management tying all of this up (i.e. not an app to add)… but maybe I missed it!

Fake Instagram Account to raise awareness on addictions in AdWeek

I like the idea and concept, a people-style Instagram by a (fake) young woman fashionista-meets-party, but… I’m a bit skeptic on the actual impact on French teens and young adults per se. There may be other elements to the campaign, although I’m not seeing anything on Addict Aide’s website (only in French).

The account is in English, and apart from the top video, there is zero information about Addict Aide or that this is a fake account for raising awareness. You can actually see in the comments that some folks are now playing the “where’s the drink?” game. Re: the medium: France is not in the top 10 list of Instagram user base. In 2015, it’s 5.8 million users, mostly young adults. Why not create a Facebook account too? Lastly, what’s next for the account now that they have the following? Louise goes to AA French style? In the end the creative director wished more people had noticed the ever-present drinks in the photos. But for that should they not have integrated more awareness messages and links from the start? Instant gratification of the pretty picture may not work well with alcohol prevention…

In Washington Post: ‘My heart breaks 80 million ways.’ A father passes a disorder to his son.

Beautiful, touching, inspiring.


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