Crane Beach in Ipswich, MA

Open for business: Communication that matter

Summer’s over! We enjoyed the beach (above is our family favorite, Crane Beach in Ipswich, MAfollow them on twitter for updates), and had lots of barbecue. Now it’s back to work. I’m looking for a new opportunity doing what I do best: managing communications programs and public relations, in Boston/Cambridge or in Europe, full time or consulting. From a healthcare PR firm in Paris, France (shout-out to Capital Image), to the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, I’ve been at it for 15 years. This is what I offer:

Proven project management for integrated communications
I thrive when working with teams to deliver integrated communications programs based on data and carefully-selected measurable objectives. I use tools like Asana or Basecamp to take projects from concept to fruition. I’m known for delivering on time and on-the-money top-quality websites, events, and marketing campaigns.

Smart media relations
I’m an avid media consumer. From good shows to engrossing articles and quirky tweeter feeds, I’m always curious. So of course I love helping organizations break through in targeted outlets. Some of my outreach has landed in The New Yorker and The Boston Globe among others. In general, I aim to be a news source. In particular, my approach is threefold:
1/ Media “hits” are not a goal (as in “I want my organization to be in the press.”)
2/ A targeted pitch/story is almost always better than a generic press release.
3/ Your entire web presence is your press room.

Content and French-English translations/adaptations
I love telling a good story and enabling organizations to find their voice and core messages. I do A to Z marketing content, from feature stories to micro-content for social media or presentations, and I have a sharp ability to translate complex information into clear and engaging messages. I also review and improve existing content, and I do it in English and in French!


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