Summer @ Northeastern: Short & Sweet Messaging

In March I was asked to write the messaging for Northeastern's College of Professional Studies lead generation page for its summer courses. Among other tactics, the page is promoted on the CPS website main home, and through paid search, paid social media, and email to targeted lists. The page is now liveĀ (my original unedited copy… Continue reading Summer @ Northeastern: Short & Sweet Messaging


The basics of meaningful visuals

Portrait of Michael Latour, Special Olympics champion, 2008

Visuals can do a great job at engaging audiences and at generating traffic and opportunities. It does not mean, however, that any visual will do the job. Like your copy, they should follow high quality standards, work with your strategy and in context, and be fully optimized for your channel of choice. Answer these questions… Continue reading The basics of meaningful visuals

The French presidential elections: Views from my inbox

I've been living in Boston for 13 years now, and became a U.S. citizen in 2010. My first vote here was Obama's second win to the White House. But I consider myself a dual citizen, and thus take my French voting duties very seriously. To vote, and to make paperwork easier, I'm registered with the… Continue reading The French presidential elections: Views from my inbox